The Roachdale Police Department is entrusted with enforcing the ordinances of the Town and the laws of the State and Country in an effort to make Roachdale a safe and friendly community to visit, live, work, and raise a family. 

Roachdale Police Department will always be dedicated to protecting and serving the community with the highest professional standards and values. We will never betray our sworn oath of honor, integrity, and respect. We will always be committed to the enforcement of laws, to protect life and property, while also respecting individual rights, human dignity, and community values. We will always strive to improve police/community relationships for the betterment of the community. 

The current make up of the Roachdale Police Department includes a Town Marshal, one paid, part-time deputy, and four volunteer deputies. 

All officers are required to keep current on state mandated training regardless of their rank within the department. At a minimum, each officer must have the state mandated 40 hour pre-basic course. All paid officers must attend and graduate from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy within one year of being appointed as a paid police officer. 


Gun Permits

Gun permits are only issued after filling out an online form, fingerprints, payment, and approval from the appropriate law enforcement agency The Roachdale Police Department is only able to approve permits for those persons living within the town limits. 

To obtain a permit you must visit the State of Indiana Gun Permit page (link listed below) and provide the requested information and payment. Once you have completed that form you must make and appointment with the Town Marshal for approval and arrange to pay the local fee portion of the permit. Once the fees are paid, fingerprints are obtained, and approval is given you will then receive your permit in the mail. It can take an average of 6-8 weeks to receive your permit once all requirements are met. 


Police Officers


Adrian Lepine

Town Marshal

Adrian was appointed as the Town Marshal in June of 2018. Adrian joined the department in February 2016. In December of 2015, Adrian became a Tier II graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Adrian has prior law enforcement experience with the IU Health Police Department. He also serves as the department's Training Officer.

Roger Tonna

Reserve Officer

Roger joined the police department in May 2019. He is a reserve officer and volunteers all of his time worked.

Scott Ducker

Deputy Marshal

Scott is the Deputy Marshal.

Owen Richardson

Reserve Officer

Owen joined the police department in May 2018. He is a reserve officer and volunteers all of his time worked.

Jay Thompson

Reserve Officer

Jay joined the police department in May 2019. He is a reserve officer and volunteers all of his time worked.


PO Box 198

205 N Indiana St

Roachdale, Indiana 46172


**Please include PO BOX on any items being sent through USPS or it will be returned as undeliverable by the local Post Office.**

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